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Congratulations on your pregnancy and up-coming delivery. Considering hiring a doula is a great step forward in helping you to achieve the birth experience you are hoping for. I am a DONA- trained and certified birth doula as well as a night nurse/postpartum doula in the Chicago area. I decided to become a doula while I was in the process of completing my Bachelors in Nursing. Throughout my studies I saw that women were not getting the support and advocacy they deserved and I felt drawn to do something to change this. 

I believe all families deserve to feel respected, listened to and a part of their care during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. My passion lies in natural birth and I believe most women can accomplish a drug-free/low intervention delivery with the right support and education. That being said, I also believe that a woman should have the birth she feels is best for her and her child. For some families this is a planned C-section, for another it is an all-natural home birth or something in between. All are valid birth choices as long as they are made from an educated place.

In my "spare" time I am a board member and the co-chair of fundraising for Chicago Volunteer Doulas. CVD is a wonderful Chicago based not for profit that provides doula services and childbirth/breastfeeding/parenting education to families throughout Chicagoland. In this role I run multiple fundraisers every year, teach basic childbirth education classes, run a new moms group and help to mentor new doulas in our area.- Samantha Trebilcock BSN RN, CD(DONA)

My Services:

I provide birth doula services for home, birth center and hospital deliveries in the Chicago area. To date I have attended 229 deliveries (Jan 2015) ranging from elective C-sections to completely intervention free home births. I am located in the Lakeview area and will travel to all city of Chicago hospitals, suburban birth centers, as well as Evanston, West Suburban, Elmhurst and Hinsdale hospital. Along with my birth doula services I provide night nurse/postpartum doula services, childbirth education classes, and placenta encapsulation services. For more detailed information about my services including pricing click doula services or childbirth education and more tabs.

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